Choosing A Fence For A Commercial Property

Are you a commercial property owner who is thinking about having a fence installed? Fencing can be an excellent addition to any commercial property but with so many options out there, how do you select the right type of fence? 

Why Should Commercial Property Owners Consider Installing A Fence? 

In order to determine which type of fence would be best, it’s important to first consider the reasons for installing a fence. 


Creating a secure boundary is usually the top reason for installing a fence. The vinyl fencing available in our online store is great for adding security. It’s reinforced with aluminum, making it stronger than wood. It can’t be easily cut, like a chain link fence. Unlike wrought iron, it’s lightweight, making it very easy to install. To top it all off, it’s an affordable option! 


Privacy can be a great way to protect company secrets – and it can also be a solution to hiding unsightly areas, like the dumpster location! Privacy fencing can be purchased in many heights, ranging from 4’ to 8’. 

Property Value 

Having a fence on any property can increase the property value – especially if the fence is esthetically pleasing and highly functional. 

Prevent Legal Liability Issues 

It’s the legal responsibility of a property owner to take reasonable steps to prevent the injury of visitors to their property, otherwise, they may be required to cover the costs associated with treating that injury. A fence is one step that can be taken to indicate a potential hazard and to prevent unwanted or unexpected visitors from gaining access to the property. 

Choosing A Commercial Fence: Which Type Is Best? 

Let’s review the most common types of fencing used for commercial properties, including the pros and cons of each material. 

Chain link Fencing

Chain link is one of the most popular types of commercial fences. This type of fencing is affordable and easy to install. It is made of steel and typically has a galvanized coating to help protect the fence from the weather. 

Chain link fence might be affordable, but it is also easily breached. A pair of wire cutters and any chain link fence can be cut. It also is prone to rust, even with the galvanized coating. On top of it all, chain link is very easy to climb, making it a poor choice for a security fence. 

Wood Fencing

Wood is attractive, can be affordable, and is strong. However, there are some serious downsides to using wood for commercial fencing. 

First, wood requires a lot of maintenance. Wood fences need to be regularly painted, stain, or waterproofed. It’s important to check for insect damage on a regular basis. Mold and mildew must also be monitored before serious damage to the fence occurs. This results in the need to replace wood fence panels on a regular basis. 

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl is frequently the best option for commercial fencing. Available in picket, yard, split rail, and privacy styles, vinyl fencing has none of the weaknesses of wood or chain link. Low maintenance, vinyl fencing never needs to be painted or waterproofed. Insects don’t care about vinyl. 

All in all, vinyl is a long-lasting fencing material that will still be standing for decades to come. 

Shop A Wide Range Of Vinyl Fencing

Our online store offers a wide range of vinyl fencing in different styles, heights, widths, and colors. Matching gates are available as well. If you have any questions, reach out to our team!