Plastic Lumber FAQS


Got Questions? Look here first at the most frequently asked questions. Is It Slippery When Wet? How long will it last? Is it safe for the environment? Is Wood Grain Finish Now Available On 1X6 Boards? Answers all of your Plastic Lumber Product Questions Here. If you can't find your answer, feel free to give us a call at 610.277.3900


  • What about its durability and tolerance for extreme cold?

    We have had our product tested by a state with similar temperature extremes. It passed all the tests.


  • Is plastic wood easily glued? If so can you recommend glues?

    We have not had a lot of good luck with glues, although geocel has some silicones that work with HDPE. As for curves, if the material is up on end, you can curve and fasten. If it is on the flat you can heat and bend or provide us with a jig and we will put it in the jig hot off the press for the curves.

  • Backyard Play set?

    We can supply the “lumber”, as in plastic, for your play set, but not the slides and swings.

  • Crates and Skids?

    All of our material can be used for crates and skids. The initial outlay is more than wood, so you need a closed loop or in warehouse system to make it cost effective. The pallets and crates we’ve made so date are indestructible.

  • Where can I get samples for the plastic decking since your web site contains no cross section of the decking?

    Our product sells just like lumber sizes. For example: a 2 x 4 is really 1 1/2” x 3 1/2″ ect.. the only true size on our premium grade is the 1/2 x 8 which measures a full 8”, which is designed to cover up a 2×8 in wood which actually measures 7 1/2”.

  • The price list quotes a ‘contractor’s price’. Can individuals purchase your products?

    Yes. Call us at (610) 277-3900 to order or fax us your project dimensions (610) 277-3970 and include a return fax number if possible.

  • What kind of Tools can I use?

    Standard woodworking tools can be used. You may have to use a lower speed with your router or planer/jointer to prevent “gumming up” of the router bit or the planer/jointer knives. Carbide tipped bits and blades are recommended. Always use tools according to manufacturer’s instructions, and wear protective clothing and safety glasses for your safety.

  • What is the Maintenance required?

    Our plastic lumber is virtually maintenance free! No staining, painting or sealing is ever required! Washing with a garden hose or mop is about all that is needed under normal circumstances. For stubborn stains, a mixture of bleach and water (1 part bleach to 10 parts water) can be used without harming the product. After all, bleach and acids are normally sold in HDPE plastic bottles.

  • What kind of Product Life can I expect?

    Our plastic lumber is still going strong after over twenty years of accelerated weather testing. We haven’t seen the total life span of the product to date. We do have product installed on boat docks since 1976 with no sign of degradation.

  • Does Plastic Lumber come in Colors?

    Our plastic lumber utilizes Ultra-Violet (UV) stabilized colorants added during the manufacturing process to ensure a long lasting, fade resistant product requiring no staining, painting or sealing of any kind. Even when cut,the exposed product is colored. Standard deck colors are White, Ivory, Oak, Dove Gray, Dark Gray, Black, Teak, Weathered Teak, Redwood and Hunter Green. We also have special order colors available subject to an additional charge.

  • What is the Texture of Plastic Lumber?

    Our plastic lumber is manufactured with a slight wood grain-like texture, creating an easy to clean surface that is no more slippery when wet than a painted or sealed wood deck.A natural film, which can’t be seen or felt, is left on the surface of the material after manufacturing. Sunlight will normally “burn off” this film in a few weeks. A rougher, slip resistant (knurled) finish is available if required and lead time may be a factor.. Keep in mind that the coarser the surface finish, the more likely dirt will tend to collect on it.

  • What is the Composition of Plastic Lumber?

    Our plastic lumber is a solid, non-hollow foamed recycled product made from Recycled High Density Polyethylene (ReHDPE) plastic. Common HDPE (recycling code # 2) products are gallon style milk, water and juice containers, as well as some detergent and shampoo bottles.Our plastic lumber is 100% plastic with no wood fillers to rot, peel, weather or blister, and generally contains over 90% recycled HDPE plastic material.

Marine Life

  • For Boats?

    Our teak colored plastic lumber looks and feels like the real thing without the rot and maintenance. It is ideal for boats. Let us know what you need.

Most Common

  • Ceiling Beams?

    We have 2 x10’s, 3 x 10’s, 4 x 6’s and other sizes that might fit the need. Are you trying to have a “rough” look (my house is 120+ years and has rough beams) or a milled look? Both can be accomplished.

  • Can product be used for Wainscoting?

    Our 1 x 6 t & g can be routed with a groove to appear like a 1 x 3 t & g with standard routing equipment. we have done this for jobs on historic properties and the historic commissions have approved it. we can router for you for shop time or you can do it.

  • IS this a mix of plastic and wood?

    Our plastic lumber is made with hdpe plastic and NO wood. there are several brands that are made with varying types of wood or saw dust. prior to setting up our manufacturing in 1996 ( we started as distributors in 1990), we did a lot of research on product composition. Our goal was to produce a product that we could give a lifetime warranty to. we ruled out wood and plastic mixes even though they are less costly, because we had seen installations cake apart like press board when exposed to the outdoors, especially in high moisture areas. we also ruled out commingled plastics as we had seen delaminating with some products. if you would like samples, let us know. for information on distribution or licensing, email us

  • How does it hold-up in sun light heat?

    Our product is solid and contains additives for UV stabilization and polymer degradation. We ship factory direct to most locations outside the Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Ohio, New York, Maryland areas of the Delaware Valley where we ship with our own trucks. If you need samples let us know.


  • Burning Point?

    Although it has a higher kindling point than wood and is self-extinguishing when flame is removed, plastic lumber, like wood, will burn when exposed to a combustion source for a long period. It will soften at 180* and melt at 435*f. Flame retardants can be added for an additional charge.

  • How are things recycled?

    Our plastic lumber is made from recycled hdpe #2, basically milk jug material. For detailed information on recycling from start to finish, you may want to contact your local recycling coordinator or the national recycling coalition.

  • What about its durability and tolerance for extreme cold?

    We have had our product tested by a state with similar temperature extremes. It passed all the tests.