Tips For Maintaining Vinyl Fences During Fall & Winter

While it’s true that vinyl fences require very little maintenance, there are steps every fence owner should take each fall. This post will highlight the steps that should be taken to keep minor problems with a fence from becoming much more significant problems later on.

Vinyl Fence Maintenance Tips For Autumn And Winter

Here’s how to care for your vinyl fence in the fall:

Check Nearby Trees And Cut Back Limbs

Trees are a valuable addition to any property. But during the winter months, limbs that are weak or dead will collapse under the weight of snow and ice. Falling tree limbs are a leading cause of damage to vinyl fences. 

To prevent this, check nearby trees for weak limbs and remove them. 

Check The Fence For Existing Damage

Walk the entire fence line and check for loose rails, damaged gate latches, or missing parts. Make repairs before winter weather hits to ensure that the damage doesn’t become worse. 

Remove Accumulated Dirt And Mold

If dirt and mold are left on the vinyl unsightly stains could set in. Warm water and gentle soap, like dish soap, can be used to clean vinyl. Be sure to use a soft cloth or soft bristle brush. 

Alternatively, a power washer on a low setting can be used. Usually, a range of 500-800 PSI is enough to get the job done. 

Regrowth of mold or mildew can be discouraged by spraying the fence with a mixture of one part water and five parts white vinegar. This mixture can also help to remove pollution stains. 

Remove Plant Debris

Fallen leaves, plants whose seasonal growth has ended, and weeds should all be removed from the base of the fence. If left to accumulate, pressure can be placed on the posts and rails. 

A weed killer can be useful for sections where the ground is difficult to reach. 

Shift Snow Away From The Fence 

Snow can be very heavy. Once a storm has passed, help remove pressure from the fence by shifting and large snow drifts. 

Remove Icicles

When the sun comes out after a winter storm, snow begins to melt. Icicles are beautiful to look at but can become quite heavy. Falling icicles can cause serious damage to a fence. Be sure to remove icicles from both the fence and any overhanging branches. 

A Little Fence Maintenance Goes A Long Way 

By taking the time to check your vinyl fence each season you’ll be extending its lifetime. If you have any questions about vinyl fence maintenance or if you need replacement parts for your fence, call us at (610) 277-3900 or email One of our team will be happy to assist you.