Deck Builders: Plastic Lumber Yard is the Supplier You Need

Every deck-building professional understands the importance of offering high-quality decking materials to potential clients. One of the best ways that this can be accomplished is by partnering with a supplier that can be trusted. 

Deck Builders Love Plastic Lumber Yard

The team at Plastic Lumber Yard has forged great relationships with deck builders throughout the United States and the Caribbean. Here’s why deck contractors choose to partner with us: 

Decking Materials Shipped Directly To The Building Site

Deck building companies can save time and money by having their supplies shipped directly to the construction site. Our sales team works closely with multiple shipping companies to find the best possible shipping price and speed for each order. 

Shipping takes place via LTL shipping. Learn more about our shipping and return policies. 

Superb Customer Service 

Excellent communication is at the heart of every transaction with Plastic Lumber Yard. Our sales team works hard to build long-lasting relationships with our customers, providing all of the necessary information at any point in the process. 

Deck Contractor Pricing

Contractor pricing is available on premium, molded, and structural grade plastic lumber. Contact us to learn more. 

High-Quality Deck Boards Your Customers Will Rave About 

HDPE lumber is the best deck building board on the market. Designed to last, plastic lumber structures all over the U.S. and the Caribbean have lasted for decades, requiring minimal maintenance. 

Here’s why plastic wood boards are exceptional. 

  1. Plastic lumber is waterproof. Even when placed directly in water, a deck board made from HDPE will never rot or weaken. This makes it an excellent choice for humid environments. 
  2. Boards made from HDPE never need to be painted or stained. Pigments are included throughout the board during the extrusion process. Over time, this helps to save home and business owners time and money. 
  3. Insects don’t want to eat or live in plastic. Termites, carpenter bees, carpenter ants, and other insects can cause significant damage to wood decks. When plastic lumber is used, the risk of insect damage is removed entirely. 
  4. Plastic lumber can be molded and curved. Challenging deck designs are a thing of the past thanks to HDPE boards! A heat blanket can be used to make each board pliable, allowing for curves and bends without cutting. 
  5. Lumber made from HDPE is self-extinguishing. An important safety feature, HDPE is self-extinguishing in the event of exposure to flames. 

Plastic lumber boards can be cut, drilled, and shaped like any other board, no special tools are required. For additional information, check out our Engineering Data page. 

Contact the Sales Team Today To Learn More About Our Contractor Partnerships

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