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The park and recreation industry is well known to require high standards from the products they purchase. These standards include high durability, low maintenance and a product that is environmentally friendly.

Our Technology has been servicing the park and recreation industry due to our ability to meet and exceed the expectations from this market. Our products are available in multiple different colors, shapes and lengths to go along with different strength characteristics. Manufactured from recycled plastic products this material also will not bond with paint. Meaning it is easy to clean graffiti where our plastic products are used to manufacture park benches, picnic tables, trash receptacles and seats. Moisture and insects also do not have a effect on our product due to the nature of plastic.


PLY Park Line®

The PLY Park Line makes use of flat and bull nose beams in combination with heavy duty fabricated steel parts to achieve long-lasting, cost-effective outdoor amenities for park and recreation, corporate, and college campus applications. All steel members are powder coated for durable, high quality finishes. Weather and stain resistant recycled plastic lumber beams are available in a variety of colors to enhance any application.


PLY Leisure Line®

We offer PLY Leisure Line which is a sleek and sophisticated line of park benches, picnic tables and trash receptacles that will give any location a pleasant upscale feel. PLY Leisure Line which gives any area a sturdy yet refined look. PLY Leisure Line line includes park benches and picnic tables. Both are made from high quality plastic lumber. Made from 100% recycled plastic.


PLY Park Line® Seats

For a conventional design that fits any park and recreation application choose our municipal furniture and site amenities. These low maintenance seats, benches, and picnic tables are available in five, six and eight foot lengths and a variety of colors.


PLY Leisure Line® Seats

Heavy duty rectangular and bullnose profiles along with tubular steel frames ensure that this portable unit will only move when you want it to. Recycled plastic lumber for the slats provide benches and seats of the highest quality and lowest maintenance possible


PLY Park Line® Benches

Featuring a powder coated finish on the heavy duty steel frames and recycled plastic wood lumber slats, these site furnishings will look great for years to come.

With ARMS and Without:


PLY Leisure Line® Benches

Polyester coating on the frames and the use of recycled plastic lumber for the slats provide benches, seats, picnic tables, and trash receptacles of the highest quality and lowest maintenance possible.


PLY Park Line® Picnic Tables

Our classically styled picnic tables, benches, chairs and trash receptacles offer versatility and low maintenance. The sand cast aluminum frames are modular allowing you the opportunity to choose the arraignments that best suits your needs. ADA PICNIC TABLES available in 72″ and 96″.


PLY Leisure Line® Picnic Tables

Tired of painting year after year? This plastic lumber picnic table and benches can hold up in any climate. Great for National Parks, City Parks, Lunch areas, Rest stops and more. Benches included.


PLY Trash Recepticles

Turnpike rest areas will always look great with plastic lumber site furnishings. We have all you need for your outdoor areas. Picnic Tables, Park Benches, Trash Receptacles.

Looking for Outdoor furniture from recycled plastic lumber for your yard, patio, pool area, seashore home or garden area? Resort Areas, Cruise Ship, Hotel and Motel pool side furniture?

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