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Restaurants, bars, vineyards, resorts, wedding venues, and a wide range of other businesses with spectacular outdoor spaces draw in patrons who love to spend time in fresh air. But having the right food and a decent staff isn’t enough – every outdoor dining space needs the right furniture to complete the setup. 

The Top 5 Outdoor Furniture Pieces For Restaurants And Bars

Whatever style décor has been incorporated, Plastic Lumber Yard has the furniture to match. Here are the types of outdoor furniture that are frequently ordered from our store for businesses creating an outdoor diving experience: 

Bar Height Height Chairs

If you have an outside bar then you need bar height stools or chairs! Available in colors like White, Mahogany, Black, Grey, Green, Sand, and more, making it easy to match a color theme. Chairs are available with or without arms. 

Outdoor Dining Sets

It goes without saying that every outdoor dining space needs a place for patrons to sit and eat. Plastic Lumber Yard offers a huge selection of tables that come with matching chairs. Table shapes include round, square, or rectangular. Traditional height and bar height sets are available. 

Additional chairs can also be purchased for sets that only contain two. 

Chaise Lounge

Outdoor bars with a pool will benefit greatly when chaise lounges are used. Patrons can lie back and enjoy the sunshine with a drink in hand. Combine the chaise lounge with a side table to enhance patron experience. 

Adirondack Chairs

Many businesses are enhancing their outdoor seating area by adding firepits. Adirondack chairs are the perfect perch from which to enjoy the warmth of the flames. Combine these attractive and comfortable seats with side tables, blankets, and pillow to create a space that patrons won’t want to leave! 


When the perfect outdoor oasis is created there will be a waitlist for those wanting to enjoy the space. Benches are a great way to provide those waiting with an area to rest their legs.  

Plastic Outdoor Furniture: An Eco-Friendly Investment

The plastic furniture available in our store is made from recycled materials. Shampoo bottles, detergent bottles, and other plastic waste is washed, sorted, and broken down into pellets. It is then melted down, combined with additives, and molded into various parts and turned into furniture. 

Plastic furniture is a long term investment because it is weatherproof. It won’t splinter, warp, or rot, even in the must humid of environments.

Plastic is also very easy to maintain. Spilled foods and drinks are easily wash away with water. Tougher spills can be washed away with a cloth, dish soap, and water. 

Never worry about painting or staining furniture again! 

Questions About Our Products? 

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