Order Plastic Lumber Now For Spring Construction | An Update On Lead Times

This past June, our team published “Why Are Leads Times So Long For Plastic Lumber”. We’d like to take this opportunity to further discuss the continued impact that factors like COVID-19 and winter storms have had on our industry. 

Extended Lead Times Could Impact Spring Construction

New and returning customers have been expressing concern and frustration over the lead times in our industry. As we discussed in our last post, COVID-19 shut down numerous manufacturing plants for an extended period of time. When the plants reopened, plastic lumber production was severely behind schedule. 

Then, last winter, major storms hit the state of Texas, causing a loss of power. The chemical plants that produce compounds used in plastics manufacturing sustained significant damage when the compounds froze in both the pipes and the machinery. 

These chemical compounds couldn’t simply be reheated. Instead, new pipes and new machinery had to be obtained in order to resume production. There are still plants that are working to resume manufacturing. 

The virgin plastic industry was impacted, resulting in an increase in interest in recycled plastics, putting additional strain on our resources.

Our team hoped to find new resources that would allow us to improve the elongated lead times, however, additional supply shortages in both plastic and pigment have continued to limit our production. Depending on the grade of lumber, color, and size, lead times can range from a few weeks to months. 

Is Vinyl Also Impacted?

Yes. There are also extended lead times for vinyl purchases, such as pergolas, railing, and fencing, depending on the size and color. For the colors clay and black, supply shortages are so severe that, although orders can still be placed, we are unable to provide an estimated delivery date. 

Plastic Lumber Yard’s Commitment To Our Customers

Our dedicated team is working hard to do everything we can to shorten lead times. We are dedicated to providing the best customer service possible and are happy to answer your questions.

Order Supplies For Your Spring Construction Projects Today To Avoid Delays

We are, however, encouraging our customers to put any orders for their spring plastic lumber decking plans or other projects in now. This will ensure that your project won’t be delayed in 2022. 

Purchases can be fully refunded if the request for a return is made prior to the lumber being manufactured. If you have any questions regarding the lead times for a specific product, the ordering process, or delivery, please contact our team at info@plasticlumberyard.com or (610) 277-3900.