8 Reasons To Choose Vinyl Split Rail Fence For Horses

It’s time to install a new fence around your horse pasture and the fencing options seem endless. Although not always the first fencing option to come to mind, vinyl fencing should be seriously considered as an option. 

The Advantages Of Using Vinyl Fencing For A Horse Pasture

Fencing is arguably the most important part of designing and building a pasture. It ensures that a spooked horse will be contained and also helps to prevent outside dangers from entering the pasture. So why should you trust vinyl fencing to protect and contain your herd? 


Our vinyl fencing is reinforced with aluminum, making it stronger than wood! It goes without saying that any horse fence needs to be able to withstand kicks, shoves, and pressure. The strength of a vinyl fence won’t fade over time. 


In addition to being strong, a good horse fence needs to be flexible. Why? When a fence has a bit of “give”, it helps to prevent serious injury when a horse runs or is pushed into it by others in the herd. Flexibility also makes it less likely to break upon impact.

Vinyl fencing is four times more flexible than wood while still providing the strength needed to maintain a barrier. 

Vinyl Is Low Maintenance, Durable, And Long Lasting

Vinyl is a great choice for horse fencing because it’s durable and low maintenance. Unlike wood, it won’t ever absorb water or oils. Vinyl will never rot or rust. It doesn’t attract insects that could cause damage. It won’t ever splinter, peel, or crack. 

Painting and staining become a chore of the past when you install a vinyl fence. Simply wash down the rails with a hose or power washer to leave the fence looking fresh and new! 

Easy To Install 

Are you looking to save on installation costs by installing your own fence? Then vinyl is likely the right choice! It’s lightweight and easy to handle. Each vinyl fencing kit available at Plastic Lumber Yard can be put together quickly once the posts have been properly secured. 

Vinyl Fencing Can Be Electrified

In some cases, a fence needs to be electrified. On a metal or wood fence, insulators need to be installed to provide attachment points for the hotwire. However, these insulators aren’t needed on a vinyl fence because vinyl is naturally an excellent insulator! This makes installation even easier and more affordable. 

Cribbing Resistant Fencing

Every horse owner knows that cribbing can be harmful for a horse. Horses commonly crib on wood stall doors and in pastures where they are kept for long periods of time. Horses don’t typically crib on plastic or vinyl, helping to curb this habit or to help prevent younger horses from starting in the first place. Not only is this beneficial for their health, it also results in less damage to the fence. 

Fire Resistant Fencing

A fire in any barn or field is a farm’s worst nightmare. Unlike a wood fence which would feed a fire, vinyl fencing is naturally slow to ignite, fire retardant, and self-extinguishing. 

Vinyl Fencing Is Highly Visible 

A good horse fence is one that is highly visible, ensuring that a horse will see it before they run into it. 

Shop Vinyl Split Rail Fencing In Four Colors 

The vinyl split rail fence kits at Plastic Lumber Yard are available in four colors: white, black, almond, and clay. During the extruding process, UV inhibitors are included throughout the vinyl, ensuring that each color will stay strong even when exposed to the elements. 

If you have questions about our vinyl fencing, gates, or hardware, our team can help. Contact us at info@plasticlumberyard.com or call (610) 277-3900.