Six Creative Construction Projects To Use Plastic Lumber On

The team at Plastic Lumber Yard has always stated that plastic lumber can be used for any application that calls for traditional wood beams. In this post, we’ve highlighted a few of the more creative projects that we’ve seen constructed with our Premium, Molded, and Structural grade plastic lumbers

Playgrounds Made From Recycled Plastic

Nothing is worse than a child having a great time on the playground only to end up in tears because they got a splinter. Thankfully, this is an issue that can be solved by using plastic lumber and plastic sheeting

Chicken Coops That Are Easy To Clean

If you’re going to have chickens the you need a coop! Having a coop that can keep them warm, safe, and is easy to clean is important. Plastic lumber is great for chicken coops because it’s easy to clean, won’t absorb any water, is tight and secure, and is self extinguishing. Why is this last feature important? If you’re chicken coop heater malfunctions, you can rest easy knowing that the lumber won’t catch on fire.

Zoo Enclosures And Housing

Just like chicken coops, zoo enclosures can be built out of plastic lumber. Seals, polar bears, lions, giraffes, monkeys – it doesn’t matter what the animal is, plastic lumber is a great choice!

Vertical Gardens 

Vertical gardens are great in both commercial and residential settings. These lush and beautiful gardens can help purify the air, add ambiance, and can even be used to grow food. Plastic lumber is the perfect choice for the base of a vertical garden because it doesn’t absorb moisture, so it won’t ever rot. It also doesn’t attract insects that might cause damage. 

Artificial Turf Boards (Nailer Boards)

When an outside edge for synthetic turf is needed, choose plastic lumber. Traditional lumber will dry out and split over time, making the turf unstable. But plastic lumber will never dry out, rot, or split. Plastic lumber can be used in any climate and will last for decades.


All of the properties of plastic lumber make it perfect for boardwalks. The Structural plastic lumber in our online store is fiberglass reinforced. When installed properly, this lumber can create a boardwalk that can withstand heavy foot traffic and even vehicle traffic. 

Our team has supplied the lumber for numerous boardwalk projects throughout the East Coast. Some of those boardwalks are now decades old and still in excellent shape!

Lumber Made From Recycled Materials 

Our plastic lumber is made from milk jugs and detergent bottles that were once land and ocean bound. An environmentally-friendly building material, this lumber is available in dozens of widths, lengths, and colors. 

If you have a project and are wondering which grade of plastic lumber is right for you, contact our team at or call (610) 277-3900.