Deck Design Trends: 2022 | Plastic Lumber Yard

If you’re considering a new deck or deck upgrade in 2022, congratulations! Warm weather is finally here and a deck is a perfect place to spend time outdoors. Our team has noticed certain trends emerging this season. We hope by sharing them that you’ll find inspiration while planning for and designing your deck! 

The Most Popular Deck Design Trends Of 2022

Here are a few deck trends you may want to consider: 

Deck Inlays 

A deck inlay helps to create a custom look for any deck! Inlays are a design made with different color deck boards or even different materials. These designs can be very simple or elaborate. Inlays need to be planned in advance because quite a bit of detail and work must be put into properly installing the inlay. 

However, the outcome can be absolutely stunning! 

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are a great way to double your cooking space while creating a unique outdoor dining experience that will “wow” family and friends. 

The Designer Board available from Plastic Lumber Yard is the perfect material to use for building custom outdoor kitchen cabinets. Made from HDPE, this plastic board is waterproof and scratch resistant. Standard woodworking tools can be used to cut, router, and drill through durable board. 

Available in the following thicknesses: ⅜ in, ½ in, ¾ in, and 1 in. Designer Board can also be purchased in ten attractive colors! 

Low-Maintenance Deck Building Products 

Home and business owners are demanding deck building products that are low-maintenance which is completely understandable! Low-maintenance deck building products should ensure that property owners can spend more time enjoying their deck than worrying about caring for it. 

Premium Plastic Lumber is the most low-maintenance deck building product on the market. It never needs to be painted, stained, or waterproof. All that is required is an occasional cleaning which can be accomplished with a soft bristle brush and water or a power washer. 

Vinyl deck railing is a great option for low-maintenance railing, for the same reasons. 

Deck Building Materials For Marine Applications 

Waterfront homes and businesses need to take water exposure into consideration when building decks and docks. The waterproof nature of Premium Plastic Lumber makes it perfect for marine applications. It doesn’t matter if the property is one a pond, lake, river, or the ocean, plastic wood boards can withstand exposure to the elements. 

Let Plastic Lumber Yard Help You Design Your New Deck 

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